The 3rd

Rebelliousnesssound of bulletsand teargas
I stood behind my parents wordstheir fearof losing me
My mother called to tell me about the newsshe was watching on T.V.
I used the dirty mattress in the hospitalwhere I work as shelterit didn’t shelter anything
Reading aboutwho’s missingand who’s murdered
Everytime it wasoff
Needed for thisrevolutionto win
What’s good of chantingwhen everyone who’d chantwith you is dead
What’s good of chanting if the ones listening are still deaf
Still delaying their empathy or sympathy to people lost
Emotional pain starts numbingcomfort of my bed cursing this survivalI didn’t ask for
The purpose of all this was to liveNot to end up dead.Not to end up missing.
Invulnerabilityis aprivilege
There it isstill burning

By: Israa Abbas

Based on: “The 3rd” by Raj Mohamed Bushara

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