daughterland & find your self/body

Original three poems “daughterland” (based on a tragic event in Sudan) “when you/they find your self/ body” and “&” written by K.Eltinaé

Digital poem by Israa Abbas

Researcher’s Method: The recent Women’s Protest in Sudan (2021) (Samah) and other parts of the world has evolved in awareness of the violence towards girls/women and others. This needs to be spoken about instead of being silenced and victimized. Through my use of coding, along with K. Eltinaé’s powerful poetry related to the mentioned tragic events, I decided to incorporate the emotions of those who have faced such domestic violence, gender-based violence, harassment, abuse, and racism into a digital poem. Also, with the current military coup happening in Sudan, having no internet access for a long period of time while dealing with the continued violence has lead to this visual interpretation of emotions of art activism through the use of the combination of both poetry and coding. For a few months, I have been playing around with HTML and math randomization using code functions/scripts to create the blinking effects. I created the “drowning” feeling of being victimized and how society seems to drag that feeling instead of forming a solution. When I read the poem “when you/they find your self/body” this was what I had envisioned in my mind when I first read it and had to start coding it. The blue color indicates the continued revolution of Sudan, then it gradually eases into black color for the Black Lives Matter.

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