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My name is Israa, a Sudanese-American student at Northeastern Illinois University located in Chicago, who is a creative writer and coder. This is my portfolio of my research and creative projects as a McNair Scholar. My academic interests are in digital humanities, library & information science, creative writing, and coding, such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and SQL. 


I create a form of digital poetry using coding to express the power of freedom of speech needed throughout Sudan, which is lacked in the Sudanese community. Since before the recent on-going revolution (2018-present) in Sudan, poetry has and still is a platform to express themselves. Using my writing and coding skills, I hope to expand on the awareness in the USA and abroad of Sudanese poems written by Sudanese poets to create a Sudanese Poetics Archives. Also, to diversify American libraries by archiving and cataloging cultural writings, while transforming Eurocentric poetry as an act of library activism. 

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A little background information about Sudanese poets fighting for free speech through writing poetry featuring Mazin M. Saeed and Raj Mohamed Bushara as part of Nas With Notepads – a poetic community that was organized by a volunteer group in Sudan (BBC News, 2017).

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*UCLA Virtual National McNair Conference: July 29-31, 2020 – Presenter

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*Illinois Library Association Virtual Conference 2020: “The online poster session will open at 9:00 am on October 20, 2020 and posters will continue to be accessible after the virtual conference ends on October 22, 2020.” 

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