he said he missed the sands of Sudan. / the blue Nile river becomes more blue \ they imprisoned him for wanting what is right. / right for the Sudanese people. \ the Sahara becomes the brightest yellow. / his friend brings him a bag full of the sand from the street he grew up on to his jail cell. \ the green farmlands become more greener. / finally they set him free \ is he truly free? feel smell view feel smell view feel smell

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Original poem “sand” written & digitalized by: Israa Abbas

Researcher’s process: This describes the unfairness of the laws in Sudan, such as imprisonment when it comes to Sudanese revolutionary arts. Used HTML to express the environment of Sudan. The colors of the old flag of Sudan, created by a Sudanese poet named Macki Sufi after gaining independence from the British, has been incorporated as well.

“Sand” poem starts on 2:41

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